Why should I sign up for the altHR-PayrollPanda Integration?

- To get the best of both altHR and PayrollPanda!

What’s Integrated and What’s Not? 

To provide a seamless user journey and allow users to get the best of both altHR and PayrollPanda, the altHR Company, People, Expenses, and Document modules are now integrated with PayrollPanda!

You can now synchronize the following data from altHR over to PayrollPanda with just a single click: 


Integrated Fields: 

  • Send your Company Information, Locations, and Departments to PayrollPanda 
  • Send your Employee’s Basic Details to PayrollPanda 
  • Send over the Processed Expenses from altHR to PayrollPanda for payout 
  • Send pay slips from PayrollPanda to your employee’s altHR Document folders 


With the integration, all you have to do is run the sync and update the non-integrated settings and details at PayrollPanda (payroll-specific fields). 


Non-Integrated Fields (to setup and maintain at PayrollPanda):  

  • Payroll Settings (Cycle, Policies, Payroll Items)  
  • Payroll Schedules 
  • DisabilityEmployee’s Payroll-Related Information (Salary, Marital and Disablity staus, Dependant Children, and EPF Contribution) 

Data Flow: altHR -> PayrollPanda -> altHR

Here's a flow chart to give you an overview of the data exchange flow between altHR and PayrollPanda. 

The fields in Orange are to be updated at altHR while those in Green are to be updated and maintained at PayrollPanda.

Interested to learn more about PayrollPanda? 

Request a Demo via this link: https://www.payrollpanda.my/request-demo/