How to create a new appraisal cycle

You can create appraisal cycles for your company. Within an active appraisal cycle, you can view and keep track of all employee progress during the cycle. You can check the progress of employees’ review process as well as view individual employee goals and performance reviews.

When creating a new appraisal cycle, there are three settings. Here are some useful points:

1. Basic Settings 

a. Due Date - Due date for employees to submit their review.

b. Reviewer - The person reviewing an employee’s submission. This could be a direct line

    manager, head of department or a specific employee.

c. Rating Settings - Reviewers can rate employees' performance through the customisable rating

    scale set. An example of a rating scale is below expectation, meets expectation or exceeds


2. Eligibility Settings - You can choose which group of employees are applicable for a set of

    review questions. This allows you to create multiple sets of review questions for different

    groups of employees.

3. Questions Settings - You can create custom questions for employees to respond to. These

    questions can either be text based or drop down answers. 

Note: Once you have created a set of review questions, make sure you do not edit the questions. If you do, the group of employees may end up answering different sets of questions. 

To create a new appraisal cycle:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Others > Performance Management.

2. Click Create Appraisal Cycle.

3. Fill in the basic settings.

4. Select employee eligibility. 

5. Create the performance review questions.  

6. Confirm by clicking Confirm.