What is the Performance Management module

The Performance Management module is a good way to enhance your employees' performance culture through easy performance reviews. This module helps your company access, develop and motivate your employees better while providing flexibility in customising your appraisal cycle to fit your company’s needs. Taking care of your employees’ growth and performance is super easy via altHR;

You can create appraisal cycles for your company. Within an active appraisal cycle, you can view and keep track of all employee progress during the cycle. You can check the progress of employees’ review process as well as view individual employee goals and performance reviews.

To monitor appraisal cycles:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Others > Performance Management.

2. Click Actions > View.

3. Click the filter button to customise your view.

4. On the right of the employee, click View.

5. You are able to see details of their goals and performance review by navigating the tabs.