• To view employee's leave balance

1. Head to Leaves > Balances

2. Search for the employee's name

3. You can have a quick view of the

  • To view employee's leave balance in details:

(A) Leave Balance Summary

In the employee's Leave Balance Summary, you can have a quick glance at the general adjustment, replacement credit, and carry forward leave added or deducted to the employee's leave.

Where to head to:

1. Follow the steps above by heading to Leaves > Balances > Search Employee and click View

2. You will find it under the section "LEAVE POLICIES" after the section "EMPLOYEE INFORMATION". Select the Annual Leave policy.

3. Scroll down and you will be able to see the breakdown for Entitlement, Deduction and Balance.

4. Under the change log, you will be able to see all the changes made to the employee's balance for the following as well as the dates and remarks:

  • Carry forward leave
  • General adjustment
  • Replacement credit

(B) Employee's Yearly Detailed Report

If all the above is not sufficient, you can export the employee's yearly detailed report to have a full overview of the leave entitlement, adjustment, and balance.

To download the employee's yearly detailed report:

1. Follow the above steps to land on the Leave Balance Summary page of the employee and click the "Export Yearly Detailed Report".

2. Open the excel file and you will be able to view the employee's leave balance and record in details.

After comparing the leave report in the system and your own record, if you find any discrepancy, do reach out to us!