What is the Expenses Module ? 

The Expenses Module is where admins can digitalise the expense claims submission and processes of the company. Admins are able to configure Expense Policies for employees to submit claims for, view and manage these claims submissions, configure the approval routings for these claims as well as digitally process these claims for pay out to the employee. 

There are several steps admins will have to complete in order to set up the Expense Module: 

1. Complete Set Up of People Module - How to Set Up People Module

2. Set Up Approval Routings -

3. Configure General Settings 

4. Set Up Expense Policies 

5. Import Expense Transactions if needed 

6. Understand how to Process Expense Transactions

To Configure General Settings 

Before allowing employees to submit claims, Admins must set up 2 main general settings

  • The Expense Submission Deadline - Admins can set a deadline by which employees should submit their claims. Admins have to option to disallow submission of claims after the deadline if this is the company's policy. 
  • The Expense Currencies - Admins can add currencies from different countries as options for employees to select when making a claims submission

To Set the Expense Claims Submission Deadline 

  1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.
  2. Click Expenses > Settings.
  3. Click on the General Settings tab.
  4. Select the time frame to limit the submission deadline by. Admins can select between days or months. 
  5. Key in the number of Days or Months after the expense is made that the employee may submit this claim.
  6. Admins can choose to allow or disallow employees to submit expense claims after the deadline has passed. 
    Tick 'Allow expense submission after deadline' to allow employees to submit claims even after the deadline has passed. Leave it blank to block employees from submitting claims if it has passed the submission deadline.
  7. Select Update Submission Deadline to confirm changes

Note: This deadline will apply to Generic Expense policies from Date of Receipt, ie: 3 months after receipt date. This deadline will apply to Allowance and Mileage policies from First Date of Travel, ie: 3 months after first date of travel.

To Set Expense Currencies

  1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.
  2. Click Expenses > Settings.
  3. Click on the General Settings tab.
  4. Scroll down to Currencies and select Edit Currencies 

  5. Key in the currencies you wish to allow employees to use when submitting claims
    Note: Admins can also select a Primary currency, which will be the default currency selected when making claims. 
  6. Select Update to confirm changes