What is Role Management

Admins are able to make changes, set up policies, hire employees to the platform and more. You are able to assign employees to become admins on the altHR admin dashboard. Different levels of access can be assigned to an individual or group of employees by creating access policies. There are TWO types of admins:

1. Admin who has FULL CONTROL / access over all the modules in altHR

They will be able to manage all the settings in those modules, set up policies, and access all the data available in those modules include claim transactions, leave requests, employee data, and many more.

These admins normally are the business owner themselves, head of HR, and special project officer that monitors the whole altHR system.

Since they have the access to the company module, they are the ultimate decision-makers who will assign admin roles based on needs. They can give admin access to certain employees to certain modules.

2. Admin who could only access certain modules to carry out their tasks

As explained above, these admins are given access to only certain modules. For example:

  • Finance Head for the whole Expense module so he/she can manage the policies setup, configure the settings, monitor the expense process, and resolve any problems 
  • Senior accountant for only the expense transactions sub-module so he/she can process those claim requests
  • HR admin for only the leave requests and leave reports sub-modules. You may not want to give them the access to manage the settings or set up the policies.

In the end, it depends on your company's needs.

Where do admins login

New admins may access the admin dashboard via the following link: https://admin.althr.my/login, with their existing login credentials.

You will not be able to access the admin dashboard if you have not been given access as an admin to any of the modules.

To Assign Admins Access for Certain Modules:

Step 1: To have a policy in place to assign admin roles and access:

https://admin.althr.my/login, with their existing login credentials."}" style="font-size: 14px; font-family: Arial;">This is needed when you need to set up a policy for specific access. E.g. Finance policy to give access to certain employees who will be managing those modules you tick off under this policy.

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, click Company > Role Management.

2. Click on the Access Policy Tab.

3. Click Add Policy.

4. Fill in policy name so you can recognise it based on the access.

5. Select the team members who will have the access.

6. Click Company Admin if you would like them to have access to all the modules. Click By Permission if you'd like to give them access to certain modules.

7. You will see Sub-Module Admin as the admin level when you slect By Permission as they are only sub-module admins.

8. Select the sub-modules that you need to give them access. The modules are broken down into sub-modules.

9. Confirm by clicking Confirm. The policy will be created and the team members added will be able to login to the admin dashboard and only have access to the modules or sub-modules you have granted permission.

To Learn how to Check Who Has Admin Access