If you forgot to update the information of your resigned employee or you wish to edit any of the details downloaded in E-Data Praisi txt file after you have downloaded the 2023 E-Data Praisi from altHR, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1 - Changing .txt to .csv format
  2. Step 2 - Edit the value
  3. Step 3- Convert back from .csv to .txt format

Step 1 - Changing .txt to .csv format

  1. After download the E-Data Praisi txt file from altHR > Open the file
  2. Copy the delimiter "l" > Find > Replace all with "," > Done 
  3. Open the file location > Rename > Change "txt" to "csv" 
  4. Open the file and it should be in excel format like the below 

Step 2 - Edit the Value

Compulsory fields in E-Data Praisi required by LHDN are as per the below details highlighted in RED:

You may edit the value according to the details below, once the below value(s) have been updated, please SAVE the file:


1. You must change all the NRIC format to number format showing proper 12 digits before save

2. You must change all the dates format to YYYY-MM-DD before save

  • IC/Passport No.
    • Insert employee's NRIC or Passport number without symbols, ie. 910101131314 or A12345678
    • Please change ALL NRIC to number format, cannot show like E+11 
  • Category of Employee
    • Single: 1
    • Married, spouse not working: 2
    • Married, spouse working/ Divorced/Widowed: 3

  • Contract Type
    • Director = 1
    • Permanent, Secondment-Outward, Secondment-Inward = 2
    • Contract = 3
    • Part-time = 4
    • Internship, Protégé, Management Trainee = 5
    • Consultant, Contingent, Agency, Outsourced = 6

  • Contract End Date/ Retirement Date
    • Change the format of ALL DATES to YYYY-MM-DD 
      • More format 
      • Select or key in the date format of YYYY-MM-DD 
      • Copy all dates that are in YYYY-MM-DD and paste at same place as "Paste Value" only 

Step 3 - Convert back from .csv to .txt format

  1. After Step 2 is done, please SAVE the file.
  2. Open the file location > Rename > Change "csv" to "txt" 
  3. Open the file, now it should have a lot of coma(s) "," in the file 
  4. Find > Key in "," > Replace all with delimiter "l"
    (please note that is is not L or l in alphabet it is a special character that need to exactly copy from txt file, you may download another E-Data Praisi txt file from altHR again to copy the delimiter"l") 
  5. Once all comas "," replaced with delimiter "l" > Done 
  6. It should look like this for your final txt file for your submission