Disclaimer: The content of this article pertains to the altHR payroll module (not PayrollPanda). As of this date, the altHR payroll module has been discontinued as we form a new partnership with PayrollPanda to bring forth enhanced payroll solutions for our users.

What is Form E?

Form E (also known as Borang E or CP8D ) is a form that allows the employer to all staff particulars to LHDN, this form will have to be submitted to LHDN via the e-Filing method on a yearly basis. 

The e-Filing period usually will begin in March every year, and it will be open for 1 month for the employers to submit form E - sometimes, there is a month grace period until the end of April. 

However, you are highly advised to prepare the form and necessary documents in advance to submit for the e-Filing at the soonest to avoid any potential penalty. Plus, if you are performing the submission using CP8D - you will be required to pre-submit the CP8D form to LHDN before March (the deadline will be vary based on the timeline given by LHDN)

Note: Even though the company has no employees or even the company is inactive or in process of winding up, the company is also required to submit Form E.

How do I get the form @ altHR?

For altHR payroll user that has run payroll with altHR and confirmed the December payroll, Form E will be automatically generated under the payroll module.

There are 2 documents that you will need to download from altHR prior to the e-Filing process:

How do I submit the forms via e-Filing?

Before you start, please make sure that you have an active e-Filing account for your company. Please register for the account and activate it before the e-Filing period.

There are 2 major steps you will need to complete for filing a successful tax return to LHDN:

  • Submission of CP8D or Prefill Data (E-data Praisi) - The deadline is usually by end of February (eg. for 2023, it is before 25th February 2023)
  • Submission of Form E - The deadline is usually by the end of March

(Declaration: Below steps are based on the general guideline of e-Filing, it might be slightly different if there are changes made by LHDN, please contact LHDN for any assistance)

** Kindly turn off your pop-up blocker during e-Filing

Submission of CP8D or Prefill Data (E-data Praisi)

  1. Login to your company's myTax account (https://mytax.hasil.gov.my/)
  2. Go to ezHasil Services > e-Data Praisi/ e-CP8D
  3. Enter Employer No 
  4. Click Prefill Data Upload > Click Browse to Upload the E-data Praisi (Txt file format) that you have downloaded from altHR
  5. Click Check to double-check the data > if there is no correction to be made, Click Check & Submit
  6. The system will display the file list that you have successfully upload > Click Submission Check to complete the step

***Please note that you will have to complete the submission of Edata Praisi/e-CP8D as mentioned above latest by February to proceed with the below Submission of Form E in March

Submission of Form E

  • Login to your company myTax account (https://mytax.hasil.gov.my/
  • At ezHasil Services > Select e-Filing 
  • Select e-Form
  • Select e-E  > Select Tahun Taksiran (Please select the correct year)
  • Fill in the Company's E number OR the Company's registration number > click Proceed 
  • Fill in Company Profile> At the "Cara pengemukaan C.P.8D", Select "Melalui Data Praisi" (due date on 25th February (as per the above steps at Submission of CP8D/E-Data Praisi) OR "Melalui CP 8D"( submission start from 1 March)*** > Click Next

    Note: If your company is inactive or winding up or has no employees, please select "Bersama Borang E"
    *** If you are submitting CP8D after 1st March 2023 via email to LHDN, and you did not submit e-CP8D/e-Data Praisi before 25 February, you will have to prepare a text file for Employer's information, and rename the E-data Praisi text file downloaded from altHR. Please read more info from LHDN on this: (page 6) https://www.hasil.gov.my/media/mpofkuqz/programmemfailbn_2023.pdf 

  • Fill in the total employee details and the amount by following the information on Part A @ Form E (PDF format) > Click Next
  • Fill in your OR the company representative's information to sign digitally 
  • Click Submit to submit your Form E (You may click "Cetak Draf" or "Cetak Draf CP8D" before submitting to keep a copy of your record)
  • Once it is processed, Click "Cetak Pengesahan" to print a copy of the acknowledgment of submission (or you can save it as a PDF copy on your computer) 

Note: If there are any amendments after the submission of e-Data Praisi/e-CP8D, the amendments can be done in MyTax (https://mytax.hasil.gov.my) > Perkhidmatan ezHASiL > e-Data Praisi/eCP8D or email to pindaanE&CP8D@hasil.gov.my