What is Previous Employment Income:

  • Previous Employment Income is particularly important for tax calculation for new hires or if you’re migrating to altHR from another payroll system in the middle of the year.

  • This section allows you to include total remuneration, EPF contribution, and income tax deducted from the beginning of the year into your employee’s tax calculation. 

Inputting accurate previous employment income allows for an accurate PCB/MTD calculation in the current month's payroll. Please take note of the following when filling in the correct Previous Employment Income:

  1. Applicable to new joiners who joined in the current year only.
  2. Not applicable if your company is running payroll since January.
  3. Total amount for Gross remuneration, EPF contribution, and Income Tax deducted since the beginning of the current year.
  4. Started On date should be, at the earliest, Jan of the current year. 
  5. Ended On date should be the last month the employee was in their previous company.

To bulk upload employees' previous employment income:

  1. On the left side of the admin dashboard, head to Payroll > Settings.
  2. Select Import Compensation on the top tabs.
  3. Choose the template altHR Previous Employment Income Only.
  4. Download the template and fill in the required information in the excel sheet. Please ensure that you follow the instructions & format, and fill in the accurate data.
  5. Upload the attachment once completed and check that the data is accurate and complete.
  6. Click Start Import and wait for it to load.
  7. Once it is imported, you can find the updated employee information in People > Employees > Compensation > Previous Employment Income.