Disclaimer: The content of this article pertains to the altHR payroll module (not PayrollPanda). As of this date, the altHR payroll module has been discontinued as we form a new partnership with PayrollPanda to bring forth enhanced payroll solutions for our users

altHR is officially approved by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN). Our PCB/MTD calculations are fully compliant with LHDN requirements. We are using the computerised calculation method and the tax rate is based on the latest LHDN tax rate.

Give this article a read to understand How PCB is calculated in altHR. This article will also guide you on where you can download our Income Tax working file to better understand altHR's PCB calculation.


Before running your first payroll, you must update your Company Payroll Details in the Payroll module and Employees Details and their Compensation Details in the People and Payroll module. Otherwise, you will be unable to run payroll and will then end up receiving an incorrect payroll computation.

There are SEVEN (7) IMPORTANT STEPS that must be completed before running payroll and it must be done in this sequence: 

ModuleSub-ModuleItemsNotes & Remarks
Company1) Company Profile1. Company AddressThis is important since some statutory reports will include the company address.
People2) Employee's Details

1. Personal Info

2. Employment Info

3. Identification

It is important to keep all of your employees' information and compensation up to date, as payroll is reliant on all of this information from the People module.

Bank & Statutory details: It is important to ensure all your company's statutory details are updated.

*Previous employment income is the income the employees earned and contributions they paid in other companies prior to joining your company in the current calendar year. 
3) Compensation

1. Compensation details

2. Bank details

3. Statutory details

4. Previous Employment Income*

**Alternatively, you can choose to bulk upload employees' compensation.

Payroll4) Settings - 
How to Set Up Payroll
A. Company Payroll Details. 

1. Company Bank Information

2. Company Statutory Information

3. Officer's Information

1. We currently have txt files for bank portals like CIMB, Maybank, RHB, Public Bank, and OCBC only.

2. It is critical to keep the company's statutory information up to date, as most statutory reports will pull information from here when they are generated.
B Set Pay Items
1. How to set and configure pay items

It is crucial to choose the correct contribution setting when adding new pay items; otherwise, you risk under-deducting or over-deducting contributions, resulting in incorrect income statements for your employees and/or LHDN/EPF/SOCSO/EIS/HRDF. 

IMPORTANTPlease note that the preset pay items are there as a reference for you to set up. You may, however, use the preset pay items if you see fit. Furthermore, because each company may/will have different payment terms, payment consistency, and payment purposes, this could result in different statutory entitlements and tax treatment. To ensure that your company's pay item nature is correctly configured in altHR, we strongly recommend that you contact LHDN / KWSP / PERKESO / HRDC to check and confirm.

ATTENTION: Give this article a read to better understand the EA fields when configuring a new pay item. 

C. Payslip Settings
1. How to create password for payslip
Create a password for the payslips to provide an extra level of security.
D. altHR Integrations.
1. Expenses.

2. Documents.

1. Expenses: Switch on to pay out processed expense claims on Payroll
2. Documents: Switch on to send employees' payslips to the Documents module in employees' Mobile/Web app.
E. Import Templates.
1. altHR Full Compensation Migration
2. altHR Previous Pay Runs
1.How to bulk upload employees' compensation
*Employees' compensation including Salary, Bank Info, Statutory Info and Previous Employment Income.

2. How to upload Previous Pay Runs

IMPORTANT: If you are moving to altHR from another payroll system in the middle of the year, this is very crucial for tax calculation for all existing employees. With Previous Pay Runs updated, the YTD salary and contribution will be captured to ensure tax computation accuracy.

ATTENTION: In order for you to successfully upload the Previous Pay Runs, you will need to upload the Full Compensation Migration template first. The flow should be:
(1) Compensation Migration.
(2) Previous Pay Runs.
5) CompensationEmployee's Income Tax DetailsIt is compulsory to keep all of your employees' income tax profiles up to date in order for the mandatory tax relief to be included when running payroll.
Employee's TP1 Tax Relief This is related to additional/custom tax relief. You may add it if it's relevant to you. 
6) Run PayrollHow to start running payrollWhen you run your first payroll, there will be a setting for you to select whether to run payroll from January 2022 or the month you are in.
IMPORTANT: If you are running payroll for the current month and have previously run payroll with another HR app. Kindly ensure that you have imported the Previous Pay Runs into altHR to ensure accurate PCB/MTD calculation. 

On the Run Payroll page. Basic steps:

  • Step 1: You will see a list of employees in the table. These are employees in your current pay run. Click "Clear Payroll" to ensure all the changes in the Payroll Settings and Compensation are reflected in the pay run.

  • Step 2: If the employees' details are correct, a blue "Manage" button will appear.

  • Step 3: Next, you can add pay items for the employees. Alternatively, you can bulk import pay items to save time!

  • Step 4: If you have Expenses to pay out in that month. Click on "Get Processed Expense" and select your expenses. 

  • Step 5: Once you've confirmed all the details are correct. You can proceed to click "Run Payroll".

  • Step 6: At the payroll summary page, download a preview payroll report to check before you confirm payroll! 

If the blue "Manage" button does not appear, then you need to refresh payroll.

7) Completed Pay RunPay salary and make statutory payments using bank reports. 
Download SOCSO & EIS monthly statutory report
  • SOCSO - PDF & txt file
  • EIS - txt file

Download LHDN & e-CP39 monthly statutory files

Send employee's monthly payslip to the Documents module
Add LHDN & CP38 receipt for PCB2(II) report purpose
Download altHR payroll report


If you encounter any issues, please read the error message and amend it accordingly. Should the issue persist, please reach out to payroll@althr.my and our Payroll Support team will help you.