• Why should I set up company holidays

When displaying the leave calendar, altHR will pull from public and company holiday records and workday settings to determine which days are workdays that employees can apply for and deduct the leaves based on the setting.

If you have registered more than one office, for each branch, you will need to edit the work days and hours. Similarly, you would need to set the public and company holidays for these offices too.

  • What if I only add the company holiday after the holiday has passed?

The system does NOT automatically update leave balance to reflect this change

For example, if the company declares the 1st of April a holiday, employees who had already applied for 1st April do not get 1 day credited back into their balance. 

What to do in such situation?

Situation 1: If the company holiday has not arrived yet and the leave on 1st of April has been approved, either admin or employee would have to cancel the approved leave.

Situation 2: If the company holiday has not arrived yet and the leave on 1st of April has not been approved, either admin or employee can choose to withdraw the pending leave request.

Situation 3: If the company holiday has passed and the leave has been approved, then the employee's leave balance will be 1 day less. Admin would need to rectify it by adding one more day back to the employee's annual leave or add a replacement credit. This depends on your company's policy.

  • How to set company holidays

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel. Click Leaves > Settings.

2. Click the Holidays tab on the top panel.

3. Click the Company Holidays tab.

4. Click the Create Company Holiday button.

5. Fill in the Holiday Name and select the date.

6. Tick off "Repeat Every Year" if this holiday applies every year.

7. Decide whether you'd like to apply it company wide. If it's only applied to certain country, click No and select the country / office / state that the company holiday applies.

8. Confirm by clicking on Save.